Information Technology Online Degrees
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Information Technology Online Degrees

Computer Science and Engineering A Computer Science and Engineering degree provides the knowledge of computer science principles that are critical to development of software, hardware and networking of computer systems. A degree in computer science gives you a number of career opportunities in various technological and computer-related fields.
Databases Managing databases is one huge task requiring the attention of trained and qualified professional database administers. A Bachelor of Science degree in Databases prepares you for a career in database maintenance, repair, administration and design.
Graphics and Multimedia Graphics and Multimedia, which is also known as visual communication, is a creative field that integrates the use of technology and visual arts. Degrees in this field lend themselves to jobs working with Web design, commercial art, print publications, and more.
Information Systems Information systems are one of the primary ingredients of any business or organization looking to utilize technology to reach their strategic goals. Graduates of the program typically assume senior roles in information systems analysis and design, requirements engineering, software programming, interface design and information resources management.
Information Technology Information technology (IT) is an increasingly global field that has become the backbone of some country's infrastructures. Information Technology Degrees focus on the design of technological information systems, including computing systems, as solutions to business and research data and communications support needs.
Internet In today's economy it is virtually impossible for businesses to succeed without maintaining a presence on the Internet. The goal of Internet degree programs is to provide education in the latest computer software and web site building techniques.
Networks Computer networking is the engineering discipline concerned with communication between computer systems or devices. An online computer networking degree can qualify you for entry-level positions in computer networking and it can be earned entirely online.
Programming Programming is the process of writing, testing, updating and maintaining the detailed instructions that tell computers what to do. The Internet has changed almost every industry, so businesses require the skills of computer programmers to help develop programs for new applications of available technology to enhance business.
Software Engineering Computer software engineers work on the front lines of the IT industry, designing, testing, and maintaining computers and their integrated systems. Graduate students who earn a masters or PhD degree in software engineering can become directors of software development, software engineering specialists, software engineering managers, lead software engineers and more.
Technical Support Supporting the use of Information Technology is an essential function of most organizations and there is a strong demand for skilled technicians who can do this well. Technical Support degree program teaches you how to effectively assess technical issues with computer systems and networks and use your problem solving skills to resolve them.
Technology Management Technology management is the blend of information technology and business management that ultimately results in a leadership position. Technical management consultants are well sought after, but must possess a wide range of business and computing expertise.
Telecommunications The field of telecommunications has exploded in the last ten years, as Internet and mobile technology comprise the most widely used forms of communication and information sharing across the world. Telecommunications professionals make their companies more efficient by understanding the needs of their customers and leveraging technology to meet those needs more effectively than the competition.
Web Design Web designers cater to these needs as they design and present Web sites that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With a degree in Web Design, you will create Web sites that businesses use to sell products, attract clients, provide services and share information.
Web Development Web development is similar to web design except that web developers are involved in every step of the web site design process and in the advertising process as well. The Web Development degree provides students with practical experience creating web sites and preparing them for entry-level positions as web designers, web programmers or web server administrators.
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