Arts and Humanities Online Degrees
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Arts and Humanities Online Degrees

Communications The broad field of communications includes broadcasting, journalism, public relations, employee communications, social media, media design, film and photojournalism. Whether you desire an expansive, ambitious job in the business sector or a career in the educational profession that lets you play to your diverse interests, an online degree in Communications will let you work at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home…
Design Degrees in design will teach you the basic principles of design and how to use technology to make your designs come to life. Most design students should have a background in drawing, as most fields will require sketches drawn either by hand or on the computer. Architectural design, graphic design, interior design, clothing design, and urban planning are just a few of the many fields in design career. Designers may also become managers that oversee projects that other people are involved in.
English English is one of the more popular majors for students coming out of high school. An English degree can be the foundation for careers in a wide variety of areas, including law, philosophy, journalism, politics and academia. You can find English graduates in almost every field and industry imaginable, including Hollywood, manufacturing, science, etc…With online degree programs in English, you don't have to leave your house to benefit from classroom discussions, intense lectures, challenging material, and constant feedback...
Fashion If you are interested in fashion career, there are various degree programs you might want to consider, such as fashion design, fashion merchandising, or the business side of fashion like fashion marketing. One of the benefits of taking an online fashion degree program is that by the time you graduate, you will have compiled a portfolio that you can use to entice future employers or clients.
General Arts A General Arts degree provides you with general knowledge of arts, history, mathematics, philosophy, literature, language and science. As you may suppose, there is a great number of career opportunities with the degree in General Arts. Career paths you can follow include design, advertising, business, sales and marketing, education, art history, and many more.
Humanities The humanities major provides a broad perspective on human behavior, thought, and values, and focuses on American, Asian, and European cultures. The skills learned during an online humanities degree also lend themselves to helping professions in law, medicine and social work. Other popular career paths include historian, writer, philosopher and sociologist.
Interior Decorating Interior decoration focuses on the decorative aspects of interior space. Interior decorating degree will provide you with the basic skills associated with decorating, including the choice and arrangement of color, fabrics, furniture, and ornaments.
Languages Foreign language degree offers you intense language classes so that you will be able to speak another language fluently and you also acquire information about the country, culture, society and literature. Whether you want to explore your linguistic roots or learn a new language, graduate degree programs in language can provide a rich, comprehensive education. Learning a modern language is both enjoyable and rewarding. It can be your passport to a new career for example in finance, marketing, business development, government, education, health care, media, tourism and more…
Writing Writing degrees will give you the literary analysis, critical thinking and creative writing skills you need to launch a successful career in the field of writing. Aside from the high-profile degrees in creative writing and journalism, writing career offers many options to choose from, including public relations, marketing, advertising, technical writing, medical writing, public relations, grant writing, corporate communications, speech writing, and more…
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