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Social Sciences Online Degrees

Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Degrees focus on the criminal justice system, instructions in criminal law and policy, police and correctional systems organization, the administration of justice and the judiciary, and public attitudes regarding criminal justice issues. A Criminal Justice degree can start or advance your career in this exciting field by qualifying you for positions such as: law enforcement officer, investigator and special agent, criminal forensic specialist, etc.
Law Law might be as simple as indicating what the speed limit is on a certain street, or as complicated as regulating income tax for an entire nation. Lawyers use reasoning and evidence to successfully represent their clients. Trial lawyers in particular must be able to communicate clearly and effectively.
Legal Secretary Legal secretary work is a very specialized, interesting, and diverse area, and in order to pursue a career in this field you need to have a combination of standard secretarial skills and sound knowledge of the legal system. A Legal Secretary degree could prepare you for a career as a legal secretary, paralegal, legal assistant, or similar career.
Paralegal Paralegals and Legal assistants are individuals who assist lawyers in the delivery of legal services. This entails organizing the facts and information relating to the case and identifying important legal articles, laws, judicial decisions, and other related material. Online Paralegal education provides the ultimate in flexibility for future paralegals who cannot physically attend programs due to work, family or other obligations.
Political Science Political Science teaches you to appreciate the back room lobbying and the other subtle ways that real power brokers have shifted world culture over the years. Many political science graduates pursue careers in government or public service, either as elected politicians, support staffers, or consulting analysts.
Public Administration The Public Administration program prepares individuals to serve as managers in the executive arm of local, state and federal government, nongovernmental organization and nonprofit sectors and focuses on the systematic investigation of executive organization and management. In a Public Administration degree program, students learn to set public policy, plan budgets and work for elected officials.
Sociology Sociology degree programs study human behavior as it pertains to human interaction within the guidelines of an organizational structure, while focusing on psychology, economics, philosophy, history, languages and humanities. Sociologists can work at government agencies, corporations, prisons, hospitals and research facilitie
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