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Bachelor of Business Administration - Marketing

Online degrees > Bachelor of Business Administration - Marketing
Bachelor of Business Administration - Marketing

Baker College Online

The Marketing online degree program at Baker College Online prepares students for careers in such areas as marketing management, marketing research, personal selling and sales management, retail merchandising and management, and promotional strategy and management.

Bachelor of Business Administration - Marketing concentration, one of accredited online degree programs at Baker College Online, offers a solid background in the concepts of marketing and business. Marketers provide the link between businesses that have goods and services to sell and customers who want to purchase them. The marketing process involves a variety of activities, including research, strategic planning, product development, sales management, and marketing communications. Students in this program will participate in active learning and demonstrate an understanding of basic business principles using case studies, business simulations; use computer technology and demonstrate communication skills in preparing spreadsheets, writing reports, analyzing business problems, and preparing professional presentations; develop and demonstrate ethical values, a global perspective, and human relations skills through individual and team activities in class and in business situations.

This marketing onlne degree program consists of major core (52 hours), business core (36 hours), general education core (77 hours) and electives.

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