Are these degrees fake? What is a 'diploma mill'?
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Are these degrees fake? What is a 'diploma mill'?

Monday January 5, 2009

Are these degrees fake? What is a 'diploma mill'?
Diploma mills are nothing more than a simple online fraud. Therefore, be aware and learn how to avoid such 'institutions' by following the guidelines in this course.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of unaccredited educational institutions which provide students with degrees which are practically worthless. Since they do not have accreditation from an approved accrediting agency their degree programs are essentially fraudulent - and the students who enroll at these institutions practically waste their money, time and effort since their degrees are not valued by prospective employers (or anyone else, which also means that they can't continue their education at some accredited university). These institutions are referred to as diploma mills.                        
Beware of fake accrediting agencies!

In most cases, diploma mills offer completion of degree programs for significantly lower costs and time than the accredited ones. In some cases, they even have similar names as reputable universities, in an attempt to use the confusion or lack of awareness.

Remember: accredited, from recognized institution, leading to a recognized degree!

In order not to be deceived by diploma mills always have in mind the three characteristics of online degree programs mentioned in the first lesson (accredited, from recognized institution, leading to a recognized degree).


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