What answers should you get from an enrollment advisor?
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What answers should you get from an enrollment advisor?

Monday January 5, 2009

What answers should you get from an enrollment advisor?
An enrollment advisor is a university employ in charge of providing prospective students with all of the information and guiding them through the application process, and all they need to know about your course of online learning.
You usually get your personal enrollment advisor who first gets familiar with your educational background interests, skills and goals and suggests the best online degree choice for you. A good advisor should make sure that students' choices fit them well and that they will make the best use of the program they enroll at.

Each student gets his personal advisor!

Applications are usually a fatigue for many people, and that is another thing where your advisor will help. They will make sure that you don't miss out on any piece of information you are to supply with your application. Their duty is to verify that the student is eligible for the program and to evaluate student's portfolio, so they can advise them how to make the best use of transfer credits and cut their studying short. Another useful information you will get from your enrollment advisor concerns financial aid. They will point you to the available scholarships, loans, grants and other ways to make the online studying more affordable for you.


Let the enrollment advisor guide you!

As we have mentioned on several occasions, each school has its own rules, policies and requirements. Precisely that is where advisors will help you most to lead you in the rules and the way things work on your prospective university. Also, when you decide to enroll, their help doesn't stop. Any questions you might have about learning, equipment, software, books, you can turn to your advisor. Most of them help you with your starting course, introducing to learning platform and make sure you complete your first class successfully.

Enrollment advisors are available online and via telephone, ready to answer any of your questions and solve any dilemma or problem you might have.


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