How to transfer credits for previous education and work experience?
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How to transfer credits for previous education and work experience?

Monday January 5, 2009

How to transfer credits for previous education and work experience?
Getting a college degree can be a very long road, whether it is online or on campus. But you can cut this way much shorter by transferring credits from your prior education and life and work experience.
Transferring credits can be very helpful, it's true, but it is not as easy as it seems. Different colleges have different rules, so you must do a thorough research, so you can make the best use of your credits.

Prior knowledge must be equivalent to the degree course

Many universities limit the number of credits you can transfer, while others have no limitations, whatsoever. The credits must be related to your designated degree program, but it is not enough to have only prior education, you also must have proof for it. For example, you might have to supply some seminar papers, or other evidence of your successful study of the subject. There is another way; you might be asked to take exams to earn credit for prior learning. This of course doesn't involve paying for tuition or taking a course. It is just a college-leveled exam that evaluates your prior knowledge. Military service, specialized training, and occupational experience can also be transferred into college credit. Some universities provide you with a very useful online transferring tool that compares credits course by course.


Life and work experience can cut your studying short

You can also earn credit by transferring your life and work experience. A portfolio or file must be assembled with the proof of your work and accomplishments. For example, the portfolio may comprise of awards, seminars, certificates, presentations, job descriptions and anything else that represents a tangible proof of your skills. Then, the portfolio is appraised by experienced Academic Officers with earned doctorate degree of the subject for which the student is making an application.

A formal request for transferring credits is necessary, and at some universities you will have to complete the application form first, and then submit a request for evaluation.


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