How to get financial help for getting a university degree online?
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How to get financial help for getting a university degree online?

Monday January 5, 2009

How to get financial help for getting a university degree online?
Once you have decided to go back to school and got an approximate view of how much it is going to cost, you must start planning your budget. Not many people can afford paying the whole sum at once, some even don't have the money needed, but this doesn't mean that they should give up their dreams! There are many ways to get help with financing your online degree.
First thing's first. Whether you have decided for a bachelors', master or only associates degree, the school you chose must be accredited and respected by lenders. Only through an accredited school you will be able to apply for financial aid. First thing you should do is consult you financial It is generally awarded on the basis of financial need.

Scholarships are free money; loans must be paid back!

Scholarships or grants are forms of financial aid that you don't have to pay back. Basically it's free money for funding your online degree. Scholarships are usually granted on the basis of specific qualifications such as a certain talent. But you don't have to be an A student to get a scholarship, though you will need letters of recommendation and to submit an essay or a cover letter, and it also might help if you are involved in community work or any extracurricular activities. The easiest way to search for scholarships is on the web, for there are many websites that contain scholarship databases.

moneyAnother form of financial aid are students loans which unlike scholarships must be repaid and with interest. Students usually rely on federal government loans which have low interest rates and offer deferment and forgiveness options. There are also private loans or Alternative Education Loans which are offered by private lenders such as banks, independent businesses etc. The eligilibility often depends on your credit score but that doesn't mean that it has to bee too high. Decent will be enough. Private loans are more expensive than government ones due to higher interest rates, so consider them your final resort. Certain circumstances may cancel a part of your loan, that is to say a part of it could be forgiven. It is an important option you should inquire about when applying for a loan.

Your employer can pay for your degree!

And then there are Tuition Assistance Programs for working adults. It means that you can get your employer to pay part of or whole tuition. Of course there are some conditions your employer might require. For instance, you might be obligated to work them for a certain period of time after earning your degree. Also, the choice of programs might be limited to job-related ones. All of this should be consulted with your Human Resources officer, because many people don't even know that such programs exist because they are not widely promoted by the employers. Sometimes talking to your boss helps if you convince him that you will gain new skills which will improve your productivity and that studying won't take your mind off from work.


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