What types of online degrees are there?
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What types of online degrees are there?

Monday January 5, 2009

What types of online degrees are there?
The Internet has revolutionized the education system introducing the online degree programs which are growing all the time. So now same types of degrees are offered in online degree programs as in traditional ones. Degrees from various fields like economics, business, computer science and many more can be obtained via online education.
Online degree programs offer a chance for people to develop their skills, pursue wanted ambitions or advance in existing career same as any traditional brick-and-mortar school does. That means that they offer the same types of degrees as traditional on-campus colleges. The difference being that online degree programs give you more convenience and flexibility when it comes to attendance and some of them can also be completed in shorter time than traditional ones.

Online degree programs offer same types of degrees as traditional schools

Associate Degrees

An undergraduate degree that usually lasts two years is an associate degree. It is a degree of lowest rank in postsecondary education and of lowest cost. If you wish to become familiar with a certain field or topic and get into the workforce as soon as possible, than this is the best choice for you.

Bachelor Degrees

On the other hand if you have a specific field of interest and wish to pursue your career in that field, the best way for you to go is a bachelor degree that lasts three years of full-time study.  Of course to get a Bachelor degree you need to have your high school completed or an associate degree.

graduatesMaster Degrees

Once you have obtained your Bachelor degree and you feel that you can do much more in the field, the next step will be getting a Master degree which means more skill in the field of expertise and career advancement. Or on the other hand, if you wish to change your career field. It lasts two years but opens the door to any career opportunity.

Doctorate Degrees

And finally, if all this still doesn't fulfill your needs for knowledge, at some universities you can pursue a Doctorate online degree. Yes, that's right! You can get a PhD online. Note that not all of the online universities offer Doctorate studies, so make sure that you inquire about that.

Business, IT, engineering, medicine arts, education degrees - all available online

Online universities tend to constantly develop as the time goes by and meet the needs of prospective students. Therefore you will certainly find the most preferred degrees at any online university like IT degrees, engineering, business, medicine, arts, education etc. However this doesn't mean that all of the disciplines are available. Due to the nature of some vocation like medicine, teaching, and many more which demand hands-on training, the concept of online education doesn't involve such approach. Some online degree programs have found a way to overcome this obstacle by offering mixed programs which include both field and online work.


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