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Monday March 30, 2009

Career Profiles
Choosing a career is a very important decision. It is, of course not irreversible, so even if you are looking to change your career path, this article might help you. Bear in mind that the decision depends only on you, which means that you must explore your personality, test your skills, objectively assess them and rationalize your goals (for example, you have always dreamed of being a famous actor, but it won’t be of much use if you don’t know how to act). Unfortunately we can’t tell you what career is the perfect for you but we can offer you a range of career profiles, perhaps you find the perfect one for you.

Most of online universities and colleges organize degree programs into categories as follows:

  Careers in Arts and Humanities

cover a broad and general area of study, which means that it might prepare you for hundreds of various job positions, from fashion design to culinary arts. You build your knowledge on broad an general subjects as philosophy, literature, art history, humanities, psychology, English, culture, religion, etc. Some of the popular professions are: Journalist, Mass Communications, Visual Communications, Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Fashion designer, Fashion Marketer, Fashion Merchandiser, Communications, Corporate Communications, Chef…

  Careers in Business and Finance

offer a wide range of professions and prepare you for careers traditional business fields such as finance, marketing or accounting, as well as in every type of industry or organization. Some of the professions are: Advertising Manager, Auditor, Branch Manager, Cash Manager, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chief Financial Officer, Controller, Credit Manager, Financial Analyst, Financial Investigator, Financial Planner, Government Accountant, Human Resources Manager, Loan Officer, Management Accountant, Marketing Manager, Personal Finiancial Adviser, Public Relations Manager, Risk Manager, Sales Manager, Stock Broker, Travel Agent, Treasurer, Underwriter…

  Careers in Education

There is really no need to explain this field in detail, as it is very well-known what it might offer. It is attractive and noble field of profession and some of the popular are: Elementary School Teacher, High School Teacher, Kindergarten Teacher, Middle School Teacher, Physical Education Teacher, Preschool Teacher, School Counselor, School Librarian, School Principal, Special Education Teacher, Teaching Assistant…

  Careers and Professions in Engineering and Science

There are many subcategories in Engineering and Science and as you may presume as many different professions. Here are some that you may find attractive: Marine Biologist, Meteorologist, Structural Engineer

  Careers in Criminal Justice

builds your knowledge on the study of policing, police administration and policy, juvenile justice and delinquency, corrections, correctional administration and policy, drug addiction, criminal behavior, radical criminology, etc. Considering that careers are available at any level of government it is a popular field and we’ve picked out some of the professions: Airport Security Officer, Bailiff, Body Guard, Border Patrol Agent, CIA Agent, Child Support Agency Worker, Corrections Officer, Court Clerk, Customs Agent, Deportation Officer , Deputy Marshal, Drug Enforcement Agent, Employment Agency Recruiter, Environmental Conservation Officer, Foreign Service Officer, Industrial Security Specialist, Juvenile Court Counselor, Law Clerk, Litigation Manager, Loss Prevention Specialist, Military Officer, Naval Investigator, Nonprofit Organization Advocate, Paralegal, Park Ranger, Police Officer, Postal Service Investigator, Private Security Officer, Probation & Parole Officer, Public Safety Officer, Secret Service Agent, Sheriff, Social Worker, Teacher, Youth Advocate, Crime Scene Technician, DEA Agent, Detective…

  Careers in Health and Nursing

Another field that needs not be explained much. The field of health care is very large, always expanding field, which means that it has hundreds and hundreds professions to offer. Some of popular and attractive professions are: Child Advocate, Child Psychologist, Child Social Worker, Counseling Psychologist, Dental Hygienist, Dietitian, Medical Transcriptionist, Patient Advocate, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician , Physical Therapist, Radiology Technician, Social Worker, Veterinarian

  Careers in Computer Science

Computers are a part of our everyday life now, and many jobs would be much harder to do without the help of IT technology and some of them couldn’t be done at all. The development of IT technology naturally brought about new professions, some of which are: Computer Hardware Engineer, Computer Programmer, Computer Software Engineer, Computer Systems Analyst , Database Administrator , Information Security Systems Manager , Information Systems Manager , Interactive Media Developer , Network Administrator , Web Designer , Web Developer , Webmaster





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