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MBA - One Year Option

University Canada West
Degree Details

University Canada West

Our Accelerated MBA graduate degree is for university graduates who have a Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Business Administration degree and wish to complete their MBA on campus within one year. All classes are held at the University Canada West Campus over an intense twelve-month period. By fast-tracking through an MBA degree, students can finish faster and start their careers sooner. Students do not need to have work experience to be eligible for admission to this program. In addition to course work, students will complete a major Research Assignment that involves an investigation of a business issue. Students who have business work experience may complete a Consulting Assignment instead of the Research Assignment.

Team Based Leadership

In this course, you will learn about the various ways that teams can be used in management. Course material will touch upon coaching, as well as team project models. You will study team dynamics and styles, and will learn how to use them appropriately. The class will offer feedback about your personal goals and managerial skills. The course will also help you build and maintain an effective Learning Team. This leadership course is worth 1.5 credits towards your MBA.

Human Interfaces

Business Environments

Strategic Leadership

This course will explore strategic leadership skills and practices. You will learn to define an organization’s mission, formulate strategies, implement guiding principles and establish clear direction and purpose. By the end of the course, you will develop enhanced strategic thinking, analysis and judgment abilities. This leadership course is worth 3 credits towards your MBA.

Research Methodology

Consulting Practice

This course is designed to help you to develop relationship skills with internal and external clients. You will learn about contracts, requests for proposals, client attachment, role expectations, intervention models, process consultation and organizational learning. This is a foundation course for your required consulting assignment. This consulting course is worth 3 credits towards your MBA.

Digital Universe

This course will help you to understand how human progress and technology interact and mesh. The integration of technology into business and everyday life is imperative for success within our continuously changing digital age, so in this course you will explore how to adapt and plan for change. With technology developing at faster rates every year, you will learn about the implications that may arise for business strategy in an increasingly digital world. This course is worth 3 credits towards your MBA.

Change Management

Global Leadership

Leadership is a critical element in the success of any company. However, the significance of this role varies in organizations that have a presence in more than one country. Understanding international trade includes being knowledgeable about cultural sensitivities and the political realities of countries around the world, so a study of world leaders and governments will frame this course. Ethical issues, political risk, international mergers, government intervention and crisis management are some of the important topics covered. This leadership course is worth 3 credits towards your MBA.

Consulting Research Project

University Canada West operates under the authority of the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development, on recommendation of the Degree Quality Assessment Board.

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